Training Ski Slopes


Cigolera Ski run

The Cigolera training ski run is one of the top 10 most beautiful and demanding ski slopes of TrentinoDuring winter season this piste is in great demand, as a matter of fact several skiclubs come to the San Martino – Passo Rolle Ski Area for intense training sessions. This training piste is F.I.S. approved for Slalom skiing. Thanks to the brand new six-seater automatic  chairlift, the speed of ascent is considerable and allows the skiers to make several ascents in a very short time.

The track, thanks to its width and particular shape, is normally divided into two tracks: one is usually open to everyone and normal skiers, while the other one is exclusively reserved for the training sessions of the skiclubs’ athletes.

Rododendro Ski run
the “Rampone delle Malghe”

Located in a strategic position where it is possible to reach easily several other ski-lifts of the San Martino-Passo Rolle Ski Area, the Rododendro ski run offers the possibilty to train on a fast track: after a first easy section, at the middle of the entire length the ski run divides into two tracks, the first one open to everyone and normal skiers, while the second one is reserved to the training sessions of the skiclubs.

Booking Calendar

The reservation of the training ski slopes must be made at the Alpe Tognola office, calling the number 0439 68026 or sending an email to

On the first day of training the regulation for the use of the slopes must be signed at the Tognola Info Point. A €50 deposit is required and will be returned at the end of the season / training / stay as the regulation has been followed.

There are two different time slots:

  • Training unit 1: 9.00 – 12.00
  • Training unit 2: 13.00 – 16.00

Two training ski slopes (which may become 4 with the opening of Cigolera Lift) are available for reservations. In order to meet several requirements it is possible to trace and arrange 2 training tracks at the same time within the reserved piste.


To enter the training area of each ski runs, it is compulsory to wear a ski helmet – with the exception of trainers and instructors.


The only number to call in case of accident or emergency is 112. On Alpe Tognola, Ski slopes Rescues is guaranteed by the State Police.