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Trails & Paths

 Take a ride on our Gondola lift and go on a walk or an excursion on Alpe Tognola

Discover our easy paths suitable for everyone, which start from the Tognola Hut and lead to the Gondola lift lower station or directly to San Martino.

Ask for the map of our hikes at the ticket office or at the Info Point: each path is numbered, marked and each description provides indications of the level and the duration!

If you have a stroller or a dog, no problem! You can easily bring them with you (but remember that our trails can not be traveled with a stroller, with the exception of the 9-kilometer forest track which leads to San Martino).

The “sentiero ecologico”

The “Sentiero Ecologico” is a path which descends towards San Martino di Castrozza and starts from Cigolera, below Malga Tognola. From the Tognola mountain station, we take the forest road heading to Malga Tognola; after 30 minutes we get gradually into the woods: this section is the most beautiful part of the trail, with the sun peeking through the trees, illuminating our road.

After some bends, the path leads to the Val Cigolera forest road, which with an easy walk, following the directions to San Martino di Castrozza / Malga Fratazza, will bring you to the Tognola Gondola lift station.

Nordic Walking on the Path of the Marmots

Nordic Walking is a very gentle outodoor and fitness activity, which can be performed by everyone without contraindications, but also very effective because we put in motion several muscles, permitting to improve our posture.
A funny sport, cheap and easy to perform: as a matter of fact, Nordic Walking is a particular walking technique with specially designed walking poles: a real fitness activity to perform outdoors and suitable for everyone!

Every monday, in June and August, we organize a 2-hour guided hike to discover the Path of the Marmot on Alpe Tognola with a Nordic Walking instructor.

Programme of the day: meet at 10 o’clock at the Tognola Info Point, ride with the Gondola lift to the Tognola Hut (2200 meters). After a short explanation on the use of walking poles, we will start our hike on the beautiful pastures and meadows which surround the Tognola Hut, just in front of the stunning Pale di San Martino.

In Winter season, discover Winter Nordic Walking with dinner at the hut, every wednesday afternoon starting from 18 o’clock, we will ogranize a walk through the woods to reach a beautiful Malga and have dinner all together!

Scanaiol Saddle

This path will lead you to one of the most beautiful und unknown spot of this area, Malga Scanaiol. An easy trail, one of the most panoramic among the hikes of the surroundings, which will make you feel unique emotions, offering a view on the entire group of the Pale di San Martino and over the entire valley.

The path starts gently on the ridges which are located above the upper station of the Tognola Gondola lift, continues on a first section with slight changes of slope to finally descend towards the Scanaiol Saddle. From the saddle, we may reach meadows of flowers and rhododendron plants which color our fairy-tale path of a wonderful shade of pink.

The path then descends very softly into the wood, and then comes back a few hundred meters below the pasture of Malga Scanaiol, where a wonderful view of the San Martino basin and the surrounding mountains opens up in front of the walker. Here, in a location where time seems to have stopped, we find an enchanting chalet and a cowshed, which are used during summer by some shepherds and theirs cows as an accommodation. The trail then starts again just below the Malga to finally reach the Malga Crel forest road that leads to the Tognola Gondola lift station.


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