The “Slittovia del Panzer”

Discover a milestone of the history of skiing on Alpe Tognola

The ancient “Slittovia”

The ruins still visible to this day near the Dolomites UNESCO Terrace, a few steps away from the Tognola Gondola lift upper station, belong to the historic Tognola Hut and the mountain station of the old “slittovia”, a sled-lift system built in 1937 by Herman Panzer, hotelier in San Martino di Castrozza.

The station of the transportation system called “slittovia”, was located about 200 meters north to the actual Tognola Gondola lift station while the mountain station had been built here near the Hut, at the base of this artificial terrace. Just after the outbreak of the World War II, the transport service was at first suspended and then reactivated by the german officials in september 1943 in order to entertain their troops, but the german soldiers took advantage of the situation to hurt themselves in an attempt to leave arm forces and the frontline.

At the end of World War II the lift-system and the Hut were abandoned to be replaced in 1959 with a new Gondola lift system and a new Hut built by the entrepreneur Walter Ghezzi.

Click here to watch the historic video filmed by Istituto Luce

The “del Panzer” path

The “del Panzer” path was named after a very special family which played a fundamental role in the history of San Martino: the Panzer family, of German origin, in the first years of the post-war period bought and enlarged the Dolomiti Hotel, building later the legendary “Slittovia del panzer”, the first lift-system in San Martino and one of the first systems of the entire Alps, an enterprise which gave San Martino the possibility to become a ski resort and a winter tourism destination.

This path is a journey into the wild and magnificent nature: the reproductions of several animals of species living in this area have been placed along the path together with specifical informative boards. Walking through the untouched woods, where the mountains peer out from the top of the firs, take a moment to focus on the surrounding nature, to admire every detail and all its majesty.

The path can be easily walked also by beginners and less experienced hikers thanks to its features: the level route descends with gentle bends permitting not to strain our legs and to enjoy a relaxing excursion, to relish the beautiful panorama and the surrounding nature.


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