San Martino Snowpark

The ideal spot to have fun and make progress on the features

Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Pale di San Martino and the Lagorai mountain range, the San Martino Snowpark is the ideal spot to have fun and make progress on youe skiis or on the snowboard in complete safety.

Served by a chairlift and with a 1-kilometers length, San Martino Snowpark nis not only one of the 5 Progression Parks of the Alps, but a safe place to have fun open to everyone, thanks to the well mantained features suitable for different-skill riders. The Park is regularly milled every day by the Tognola team of the Snowmachine drivers, and controlled during the entire day by our shapers, who are always ready to listen to the riders’ advice to guarantee the highest quality during the whole winter.

San Martino Snowpark is managed directly by the Tognola Group in collaboration with F-Tech Snowpark Construction, which supports our company during the planning of the Park and throughout the entire season.

Attention: the access to the Park is free of charge, but it is obligatory to wear a ski helmet!

And if your kids would like to go wild in the Snowpark, but you fear it could be dangerous, don’t worry! In the San Martino Snowpark you can find a Family Fun Line, with easy but funny features: boxes, tunnels, kickers and much more, the best way to approach safely to Freestyle!