Freeride Routes & Areas


Is Off-piste skiing your favourite winter activity? On the powder snow of Alpe Tognola slopes you will meet your match!

From the steep and breathtaking slopes of Cima Tognola, to the woods of Tognola Uno which permit off-piste skiing also at moderate risk of avalanche conditions, you will definitely mark your line on the Dolomites after an abundant snowfall.

Freeride skiing in San Martino di Castrozza – Passo Rolle and in the Primiero Valley is regulated by a special law promulgated at the start of the season by local mayors and the local Avalanche Committe, who in collaboration with the managers of the lift-systems identified the areas and terrains where avalanches would potentially occur and involve ski-slopes and skiers.

Within the yellow highlighted areas on the map available at the departure stations of the lifts, is therefore forbidden.
The practice of off-piste skiing is allowed all over the municipal area, on condition that the skiers are aware that they are responsible for themselves and are equipped with Avalanche beacon, snow shovel and probe, in accordance with common sense and the rules of the off-piste skier:

RESPECT YOURSELF: off-piste skiing is a hard and demanding activity which requires specific abilities in order to move in control, for this reason good physical conditions and shape are necessary and must be considered when choosing a trail. Do not exceed your limits.

RESPECT OTHER RIDERS: never overestimate yourself: do not endanger or prejudice others with maneuvers which could be dangerous.

EQUIPMENT:  equip yourself with the necessary gear: Avalanche beacon, snow shovel and probe, mobile phone, helmet and eventually a map of the area.

PRECAUTIONS: always read carefully the avalanche and meteorological forecast before every riding session. Ask the personnel of the ski lifts, they will be able to give you some advice about the risk status of the off-piste terrain and to inform you about the Gondola and ski lift opening hours. Two is better than one! Do not venture on off-piste tracks alone: in case of an accident no one will help you or raise the alarm and report the rescuer your exact position. Telephone signal may not work or be very weak on the mountains. In case of need, please alert 112 and stand still while you wait for rescue. Always plan your route carefully and do not follow unknown tracks: keep in mind that in case of further movements of the snow there are no physical indications to guide you. Are you looking for some itineraries? Here you can find some:


Contact our Tognola Info Point to book a Freeride lesson with one of our specialized instructors, to find out how improve your technique and proceed safely. And if you have even more challenging descents and lines in mind, we can put you into contact with a local Mountain Guide!